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LIQUID FIYH is a semi-permanent hair dye, that is used to cover imperfections in the hair line. This product is a super water-resistant dye, that is virtaully waterproof upon first application. 

Liquid FIYH

    • Clean surface. Make sure there are no oils, products, sweat or dirt on skin surface. 
    • Cool the surface: make sure there application area is cool and dry. This will help the drying process later. 
    • Shake bottle throughly
    • Pour a small amount in a bowl. 
    • Comb hair away from line 
    • Use a thin brush to apply 
    • Use a full brush to blend thru the line into hair
    • For maximum staining, blow dry on medium temperature while brushing in with the blending brush. 


    With proper application this product should be virtually waterproof able to withstand anything from water to alcohol upon first application. 

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