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7 Trending Fade Haircuts of 2020

The fade haircut is growing very popular among men from all walks of life. Fade haircuts are in fact basic for many recent and modern Haircuts. It comes in different kinds depending upon your preference and look. You may choose among low, mid, high, taper, bald or skin fade hairstyle.

This brief guide will walk you through these few fade haircuts and how they work. The fade normally starts from cutting behind the head and then sides shorter as you get closer to the neck. Fade style is usually done using clippers. First, your barber will start with the clipper with a longer length and then gradually trim down your sides and neck with the shorter ones.

Low Fade Haircut

This technique works with any style and adds more elegance and grace to its look. In low fade haircut, the hair which is on the lower part of your head is trimmed and tapered and hence the Fade occurs lower on the head, thus the name “low Fade”. This fade is surprisingly versatile and convenient.

Mid Fade Haircut

This type of fade haircut is an excellent balance between Medium and High fades. In this style, the hair is faded, and it ends between your temple and ears. The best thing about a mid fade haircut is that it’s very professional, and low maintenance.

High Fade Haircut

A high fade is probably the most wanted faded haircut. A high fade is usually according to your own preference of fade line and how sharp fade you’d like to have. Some guys prefer high bald fade which is cut down to the skin while others ask for a high taper fade.

High Fade Undercut

If you are searching for a somewhat contrast look, this haircut is best for you. The main focus of the haircut is on top of your head. It allows the combination of a shirt fade with the long tamper on top. It gives you a well-groomed and modern look.

High Skin Fade

This haircut is basically new out there as it was developed not long ago. It is done by cutting hair extremely short and it is moved towards the neck. It basically involves shaving the hair entirely under the fade line to the scalp. This style gives a rather unique and modern look to go with.

High Fade With Quiff

This fade haircut is rather fancy and is done by brushing the hair upside and then back from there from the forehead. Hair is brushed back in a wavelike manner. It provides a pretty sharp fade and makes your hair look pretty noticeable. It has indeed become one of the most trending haircuts recently.

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High Taper Fade

This type of fade has three possibilities. You can choose among taper fades, bald fades, and the skin fade. In a bald fade, there is a very sharp and close look shave underneath the fade line. Tapper fade is a bit different as it involves trimming on the higher part of the head. The skin fade makes the hair below the high fade line very short and kind of buzzed.

Crew Cut Fade

Crew cut as its kind of shows from the name has a military-based origin. This type of cut is pretty common among men but when you merge this with a faded haircut, it becomes something unique and less common. This hair cut is the dearest choice for those people who are curious about faded haircuts but don’t want to risk their normal haircut getting messed up in the process. You can also ask for “Regulation “which means that the left side of your hair will be left longer.

So, if you are looking for ideas for your haircut then you should definitely try Faded haircuts. Whether you are a business professional or you just want a normal casual haircut, there is a faded haircut for everyone. This haircut has the ability to make you look cool as well as classy. Make sure to keep in mind the above haircuts whenever you feel like getting a faded haircut.

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