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Guide To Beard Trimming: Figuring Out The Best Way

Growing a beard is not as easy and fun as it sounds. Having a well-groomed beard requires a great deal of effort and patience. But it isn’t that hard if you are up for it. Having a beard definitely enhances your masculinity and virility but it doesn’t work if your beard is out of shape or not groomed properly.

In the old days, it might be acceptable for you to have a bushy or ungroomed Beard because of the fact that back then the technology was not yet developed for such kind of things or you might be so far away from your local barber and to get there you might have to travel a significant distance. But no such excuses are valid or reasonable in this modern time.

This brief guide will take you through some important steps to have a well-groomed and presentable beard.

1 - Preparations Before Trimming

Keeping a dried and unclean beard is something you should always avoid. Though this is always a good idea it becomes many times important when it is time for your trimming. Wash your beard with a shampoo and then condition it as well. This will make your hair softer and trimming smoother.

2 - Time To Brush The Beard

It is important that you brush your beard against the grain. It will give you two benefits first it will make your hair stand out and straight and secondly it will expose any inconsistencies in the length of your beard hair.

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3 - Begin The Trimming

Now it is about time you use clippers to start trimming. The choice of clippers is totally your call. If you want to keep it simple and even just pick one clipper with preferred length and use it all over. But if you want to give it some style or shape, it might take some of your time. But not that much.

One of the most used techniques is leaving the hair a bit short around sides of your face and somewhat longer on the chin. For the goatee area, you could use 4 or 5 and for the temples a 3-number clipper. And for the mustache, the hair should be kept as short as on the temples and on your cheeks.

4 - Mustache Trimming

After you’re done trimming down using clippers, now to avoid the guards getting near your nostrils try running them edgeways across your face. You can use a pair of mustache scissors for this as well. And for how high you want to go up your lip to trim, start from the lower side and go straight up till you get to the place that works for you.

5 - About Your Neckline

This part is the most crucial for beard trimming and probably the hardest to get right. The trick here is to trim everything below your Adam’s apple, but the point where the line should be drawn is essentially different for every person.

Like you might need to go a little above or below the above-stated point if you have a longer or shorter neck. But despite that, it’s a pretty reasonable reference point that you should always consider.

Now for a steady “U” shape you just need to extend it up in a smooth curve towards your ears. After that, you can taper it down the line or just shave everything off around the jawline.

6 - Use Oil For a Better Finish

Finally use a recommended beard oil to moisturize your beard. It will help to have your beard hair at its best. This step is very important and often ignored. But just as the hair on your head these facial hairs also need proper moisture and care to stay healthy.

You can use some beard comb to spread the oil all around the beard and to style it back as well. Combing will help to reveal untrimmed hair that you can get rid of with scissors.

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