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Latest Hairstyle Trends For Men In 2020

Looking for a new and trending hairstyle? You are in the right place. We have gathered together a list of the latest, trending Hairstyles for men in 2020. Our list includes hairstyles ranging from Fade Cuts to flow as well as the latest Hairstyles like Quiff and Buzzcut. So, just sit back and go through this guide to find the best Hairstyle for your hair in 2020

✔️ Side Brushed Top With High Fade

This hairstyle is made with creating a heavy fade on the sides of your hair and the top is left as it is. Then the hair is brushed from the sides. Just Pick a side that works the best for you and then you can comb your hair in that direction. This hairstyle is great for a neat and polished look and it would work on most hair types.

✔️ Textured Medium Crop With Slight Fade

This hairstyle takes time and is best suited for thick hair. A kind of flowy wave is created from the crown of your head and it flows in all directions. As for the sides, it is recommended that you go with a low fade because medium or high fades just won’t sit well with it.

✔️ Comet Tail Design With Brush Back Top

This is a unique hairstyle that would make you stand out from the crowd. The inspiration for this hairstyle is the wave that comets leave behind when they travel across the sky. The hair on the sides is almost cut to their smallest length and the direction of the brush is towards the back.

✔️ Tapered Brush-Up With Mid Fade

This is the hairstyle that you want if you are looking for something that would go well with formal as well as informal social events. It is a brush-up hairstyle that brings out the volume in your hair. The hair is brushed in the upwards direction.

✔️ Tapered Fade With Combover

There is a slight fade in the sides with this hairstyle and the hair is combed over in both directions. This is the kind of hairstyle that you see for many sportsmen on TV. The flow of hair with this hairstyle is in both directions and they both meet in the middle to create a kind of flowy style.

✔️ The Buzzcut

Buzzcut is the most trending hairstyle for business professionals in 2020. The best thing about this hairstyle is, it works on most hair types as long as the hair has volume. There is a slight fade around the hair near your ear and the hair on the top is brushed to the sides.

If you are looking to get the best Buzzcut here in Bronx, then Visit Flava in Ya Hair. We are a Bronx barbershop and we’ll help you get the best Hairstyle for your hair so that you can look your best, at all times.

✔️ Quiff Hairstyle With Long Sides

Quiff was first seen in 2019 and is expected to remain in trend in 2020 as well. It is kind of a flowy hairstyle that would work the best on people who have thick, black hair. This hairstyle has long sides and there is no fade used when you are going for a quiff hairstyle.

✔️ Frizzy and Messy Hairstyle

This hairstyle is best suited for people with curly hair. It spreads the hair with a decent proportionate to make it look messy yet decent. Even if you have straight hair, you can still get this hairstyle if you like this look.

✔️ Pompadour Fade Hairstyle

When it comes to fade hairstyles, Pompadour is the toughest one to pull off but when it is done, you’ll just love it. It includes creating a fade along the sides of your hair white cutting them short with the flow. It is recommended for models and actors.

✔️ Lengthy Hair With Flow

If you are looking for an all-time classic look then this is the way to go. Lengthy hair that goes in a flow from the top of your head to the bottom of your neck would look great on people who have strong, thick hair.

For more details about the latest hairstyle trends for men, visit Flava in Ya Hair for more info.

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